Vicente Romo

Dean of the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences

Dear Partners,

The Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Vigo is proud to be a partner in the In Common Sports project, since promoting physical activity and physical exercise in any population is a priority objective of this entity. The faculty is located in the city of Pontevedra that is located in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.

This city awards various prizes for smart mobility and sustainable city, advocates the mobility routes on foot and by bicycle through the city, generating an active lifestyle of the population. In addition this city, was host in numerous occasions of national, European, and world championships of sports like triathlon, taekwondo, and handball, among others. Therefore, we are pleased to be a member of a project of such magnitude that advocates for an active lifestyle of our elders, as well as a socialization between different cultures, which will be enriching for everyone who participates.

Dean of the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences. University of Vigo.
Vicente Romo

Partner:    Partner 4 - University of Vigo. HealthyFit Research Group - Spain

Country:    - SPAIN



The HealthyFit Research Group will be the group responsible for the Faculty in this project. This research group, which is constantly growing, focuses its lines of action on the assessment and prescription of physical exercise in elderly people with or without pathologies. For the HealthyFit Research Group the promotion of physical activity in the elderly is essential to reduce the effects of aging and preserve functional capacity, thus promoting an active lifestyle.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:


        José Mª Cancela Carral - Professor / Researcher / Project Manager
        Irimia Mollinedo Cardalda - Researcher / Physiotherapist
        Gustavo Rodriguez Fuentes - Researcher / Physiotherapist
        Elena Vila Suarez - Researcher / Physical Education Teacher
        Silvia Varela Martínez - Researcher / Physical Education Teacher
        Iris Machado de Oliveira - Researcher / Physiotherapist
        Miguel Adriano Sanchez Lastra - Researcher / Physical Education Teacher