Eng. Atanas Stoilov

Mayor of the Municipality of

Dear Partners,

The project “IN COMMON SPORTS - INTERGENERATIONAL COMPETITION AS MOTIVATION FOR SPORT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE OF SENIOR CITIZENS” by ERASMUS + is opportunity to involve elderly people in the social life trough sport activities. We expected that it would be start to active life for our elderly citizen and became platform for future sport events for our citizens!

The mayor of the Municipality of Aksakovo
Eng. Atanas Stoilov

Partner:    Partner 5 - OBSHTINA AKSAKOVO - BULGARIA

Country:    - BULGARIA



Aksakovo Municipality has a population of 20 426 inhabitants and it consists of 23 villages in the area of 460.54 km². It is situated in the northeast of Bulgaria and has an outlet on the Black Sea. Aksakovo is situated 10 km away from the city of Varna. The Varna International Airport is also situated on its territory.

Aksakovo municipality is a provider of public and social services to the community. It is responsible for implementing national legislation on local level and managing the municipal territory. As a local authority it is responsible for self-government and have to provide sustainable development of community. In this order it have to ensure participation in self-government for people of all ages.

The statistic shows that 25% of Aksakovo population are elder people above 60 years old. The level of physical activities is very low, that is the reason of more of diseases of this part of community. For elder people and people with disadvantages municipality of Aksakovo provide social services as “hot supper”, “help in home”, “social assistant”. The municipality supports clubs of retired people, where they meet each other, chats and play cards, chess and board games.

Aksakovo municipality has annual sporting calendar. Every year it carries out sport games volleyboll, backetball, football, table tennis, touristic walking and etc. The elder people take part in the football, table tennis and touristic walking. The Municipality of Aksakovo has a experience regarding network of towns and international cooperation. It has eight twinned towns and carry out international events every year. It is also engaged in several European and international networks related to youth participation, education, health, economic activities etc.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

Municipality of Aksakovo will organize 2 events:
1- International Multiplier Sport Event

   - The purpose of events is desiminate idea of phisical activity in all life.
   - The main objective of this event is to introduce this project to the local community, dissiminate its main objectives and intellectual outputs and encourage furhter participation to the competition.
   - Define the importance of defining a person’s needs and characteristics so as to adjust the right exercise program to his/her needs. In other words introduce the importance of exercize as a rehabilitation therapy after or during a disease or accident.
   - Create a communication bridge among the NGO who work in the field of helthy life and the Municipality planning events in the future, implementing events and actions that will introduce sports on the elderly.

2- Second National Multiplayer Sport Event

   - Sport compatition event involve 4 sport event, basketball, volleyball, football and table ténis. The purpose of events is desiminate idea of phisical activity in all life. This event multiplay the first competition.
   - Present good practices of physical activity in reality

The number of participants will be arrond 40 people.
During the events we will spread th broushures with purpose, activities and results of the project.


        Neli Petrova - Project Manager
        Stefani Yordanova - Physical education teacher / Trainer (January 2018 / March 2020)
        Vanya Ilieva - Physical education teacher / Trainer (May 2020 / December 2020)


        Municipality of Aksakovo - G.Petleshev 58b -
        Tel. +359 894 638 600