Peter Cziraki

President of
Zoldpont Assossiation

Dear Partners,

The importance of the project cannot be underrated in spite of the facts that the number of elderly people is dramatically increasing worldwide. Their quality of life can be much better with regular physical activity, but most of them need support: what kind of sport to do, how much, how intense?
The "In common sports…” program not just offer physical activity trainings in more european countries but trying to answer these questions through the research part. Moreover,it will make important suggestions and communication forms to inform the elderly about the essence and current methods of physical activity.”

The President of Zoldpont Assossiation
Peter Cziraki

Partner:    Partner 6 - ZOLDPONT - HUNGARY

Country:    - HUNGARY



A group of communication and sport experts established the organization of Zöldpont Egyesület és Szerkesztőség (Zöldpont Press and Media Association for Sport) 25 years ago in order to popularize the healthy lifestyle and outdoor sports in a large scale.
The organisation was the first to prove the visualization of leisure sport on monitors together with the weekly magazine programme titled the same way (Zöldpont/Greenpoint 1992-2004), started to screen an adventure programme for children and also sets up a coordinated media, as a pioneering initiative - radio, television, printed press, internet - and service provider system to popularize outdoor and leisure sport.
The organisation was the leading coordinator of a national programme in Hungary, the professional of Education through Sport European, “EYE 2004” activity year, as well as the initiator and realiser of European Physical Education Picnic methodological series which opened up and made ways for lifestyle sports in school life. Zöldpont shares several international awards and prizes (Move Europe, ENWHP, DuPont ....) in the field of health improvement in workplaces and company sport.
Besides the media activity, Zöldpont has dedicated ten years to company sports, health promotion programs in workplaces and has developed more programs like Budapest titkai... a múlt útvesztői, Active Office, MOL Kupa series.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

In the communication and dissemination part of the project, Zöldpont - by way of the comprehensive experience in media and press – intends to make a database and correspondent system, where the results, progressions and methodology can be spread in a wide range. It includes national and international organisations, institutes, clubs which aim to help elderly live a healthy life. Moreover, establish connections with other sport and outdoor constitutions, which ones attracts the older population across Europe (Deutscher Alpenverein; TAFISA; ISCA, etc.).
Zöldpont is also planning to make a conference schedule, which contains every relevant and significant event in Europe where the participant organisations can present the project results, methodology (like European College of Sport Science conferences, Hungarian Society of Sports Science congress, etc.). Moreover, the partners will publish articles in important newspapers and sport scientific papers.


        Péter Czaráki - President of the Association
        Marton Dvorak - Researcher / Physical education teacher
        Kriszta Kovács - Physical Education Teacher / Trainer
        Tímea Viczián - Physical Education Teacher / Trainer


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