Vila Nova de Cerveira hosted the kickoff meeting of the project IN COMMON SPORTS

Between the 14th and 16th of February 2018, Vila Nova de Cerveira hosted the Kick-off meeting of the international project 'In Common Sports' to define the strategies and knowledge “in loco” of the impact of the Intergenerational Olympics. The mayor of the Municipality, Fernando Nogueira, welcomed the representatives of Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Italy, reiterating the pioneering contribution of this project to the health and well-being of the senior population through sport.
Besides the team of the Municipality and IPVC, the first meeting put together the representatives of the Municipality of Cesena (Italy), Valeria Rossi and Federica Cuni, the University of Thessaly (Greece), Giannis Giakas, the Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria), Neli Petrova and Stefani Yordanova, and the Zoldpont Association (Hungary), Péter Cziráki and Márton Dvorák. The three-day program included a set of preparatory meetings to articulate and streamline the project implementation. In addition to the formalization of some internal agreements, difficulties were also observed, strengthened convergent points and outlined rules.
Having as main objective to expand the knowledge of motivational factors for the continued practice of physical exercise in the elderly population through a study that will involve 350 participants, the entourage also had the opportunity to participate in a training session given by the leading research team of Escola Superior de Desporto e Lazer - IPVC , in their own facilities in Melgaço, in order to coordinate the methodology in the scope of the scientific study proposed in the project. This session was also attended by technicians from all the municipalities of Alto Minho involved in the Intergenerational Olympics.