The Municipality of Cesena hosted in the Town Hall of “Palazzo Albornoz” the second transnational meeting of the European project "In common sports" from 23rd to 25th May.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of the European partners and local organizations who collaborate in the implementation of the activities in Cesena.
The European guests were welcome in the Hall of Mirrors by the City Councillors, Mrs. Francesca Lucchi (Councillor for Europe) and Mr. Christian Castorri (Councillor for Sport).
Representing the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), lead partner, Manuela Ferreira and Olga Pontedeira; of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana de Castelo - IPVC-ESDL (Portugal), the researchers, coordinators of the study, Pedro Bezerra and Miguel Camões; of the Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria), Neli Petrova and Stefani Yordanova; of the company Zöldpont (Hungary), Cziráki Péter and Székely Attila; for the Municipality of Cesena, Roberto Zoffoli, Valeria Rossi and Massimo Lodovici of the project team, together with the full staff of the European Office, Luisa Arrigoni, Sofia Burioli and Elena Giovannini, and the representatives of Kimeya, the local company entrusted with sports services by Cesena Municipality, Barbara Capellini and the sports teacher Federica Cuni.
The meeting agenda started with focus on administrative issues, the planning of activities and reporting work taBGes on the tasks that each partner has been implementing on its own territory.
Then some workshops about the case study of Cesena, who will lead the WP about Best practices and Guidelines on Promotion and Education to Active Lifestyles, conducted by Massimo Lodovici of the Sport Office of the Municipality of Cesena, who explained the functioning of the sports system in Italy and more specifically the role of local authorities in sports promotion and management of sport infrastructures, and by Mauro Palazzi and Giulia Silvestrini of the Local Health Agency – AUSL Romagna, Unit Epidemiology and Communication, which illustrated methodologies and success cases on the promotion of education to an active community.
Some technical works was concentrated in the morning of Thursday 24th, with a visit to the athletics track-field, where the training sessions for the project are usually held. The European delegation was then aBGe to meet about 60 senior athletes engaged in one of their weekly training sessions. The Cesena trainers’ team had the occasion to share their approach with their European colleagues and monitoring, evaluating and planning together some technical aspects which are relevant to improving the physical well-being of their athletes.
Finally, the visit to the Technogym Village and the presentation by the Wellness Foundation of Cesena as a case study in the framework of the Wellness Valley, an initiative that wants to make Romagna the first international district of Well-being and Quality of life for its people, starting from the enhancement of human, social, historical, artistic, natural and food heritage of the territory.
The cultural program of the project meeting included a visit to the ancient Malatesta Library.


2018/05/07: The agenda for the second transnational project meeting to be held from 23rd to 25th May in Cesena - Italy is now availaBGe: