International Meeting of the Project IN COMMON SPORTS spreads good practice "Intergenerational Olympics" among elderly of Sanxenxo - Spain
The 5th Transnational Meeting of "In Common Sports" took place in the cities of Pontevedra and Sanxenxo on the 2nd and 3rd of May, organized by the new partner of the project - University of Vigo.
The first meeting was held in the auditorium "Emilia Pardo Bazán" - Sanxenxo, and were present representatives from the five countries:
University of Vigo (Spain): José Mª Cancela, Irimia Mollinedo, Karina Pereira, Lorenzo Romangoli, Iris Machado and Helena Vila.
Concello de Sanxenxo (Spain): Ignacio Rebollo.
Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal): Manuela Ferreira, Olga Pontedeira and Nuno Silva.
Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (Portugal): Pedro Bezerra.
Comune di Cesena (Italy): Luisa Arrigoni.
Zöldpont Association (Hungary): Péter Cziráki, Márton Dvorák and Zsanett Janicsák.
Aksakovo (Bulgaria) Neli Petrova and Stefani Yordanova.
Were also invited to participate in this meeting Bruno Gigante from the Municipality Viana do Castelo and Miguel Ferraz from the Municipality of Ponte da Barca, as partners in the organization of the Olympics4all event in Portugal.
The working days were coordinated by José Mª Cancela from the University of Vigo and Manuela Ferreira, as representative of the Project Coordinator - Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira and was presented the physical exercise programs that are developed in each of the countries and analysed the different conditional capabilities of the participants during the training.
In this context, the international team had the opportunity to attend the training session in the municipality of Sanxenxo and to disseminate the event "Olympics4all" with the Spanish seniors, with the aim of let them know the good practice since it will also be replicated in their city. The sport trainers also had the opportunity to train the elderly in some of the adapted modalities of the Olympics4all competition.
In the scope of this meeting were also focused on the following subjects: Administrative and Financial Management of the Project (Vila Nova de Cerveira); analysis of the project communication plan (Zöldpont); identification of the limits / errors of the platform and presentation and solutions for data management (University of Vigo), presentation of the data of the study in the current moment - 3rd assessment (Escola Superior de Desporto e Lazer - IPVC), Means to spread the Good Practice Guide (Cesena); analysis of the feedback questionnaire carried out answered by the participants in training (Aksakovo) and presentation of the video draft that will be used as an open educational resource for the Intergenerational Olympics.
The 6th meeting is scheduled for next September (23, 24 and 25) in Vila Nova de Cerveira. The partners will have the opportunity to attend to the opening of the 5th edition of the Olympics4all competition that will take place this year in Melgaço.


2019/04/29: The agenda for the Fifth transnational project meeting to be held from 1st to 3rd of May in Pontevedra - Spain is now available: