Municipality of Cesena hosted the 7th transnational meeting of the European project "In Common Sports" on the 4th and the 5th of November. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the European project partners and the local realities that collaborate in the realization of the activities in Cesena.
The Councilor for Environmental Sustainability and Europe Francesca Lucchi have receiveid the representatives from the six countries:
    - Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), coordinator of the project, Manuela Ferreira, Olga Pontedeira and Nuno Gomes Silva;
    - Polytechnic Institute of Viana de Castelo - IPVC (Portugal): Pedro Bezerra;
    - University of Vigo Jose Maria Cancela and Irimia Mollinedo;
    - Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria) Neli Petrova and Stanka Atanasova;
    - Zöldpont Egyesület es Szerkesztöseg (Hungary) Cziráki Péter and Màrton Dvoràk;
    - Municipality of Cesena: Roberto Zoffoli, Luisa Arrigoni and Sabrina Colaci.
There were also invited to participate to the meeting Bruno Gigante for the Municipality of Viana do Castelo and the representatives of University of Bologna.

The works agenda started with the presentation, by the project coordinator Manuela Ferreira, of the activities to be carried out in the next months and then continued with an illustration of the results achieved until now by the project. During the first day of the meeting, after the guided tour in the ancient Malatesta Library, the partners were welcomed by the Wellness Foundation, which illustrated the main objectives and the activities carry out directly on the territory.

The second day began with the visit to the athletics sports field, where the European delegation attended the training sessions of the group of over-60s selected by the project. The trainers of the Cesena team had the opportunity to meet their European colleagues to monitor, evaluate and plan together some technical aspects relevant to improving the physical well-being of their athletes.
The partners had also the possibility to present the project and disseminate the results to some teachers of Sport Sciences of the University of Bologna.

The meeting ended with the visit to the Kimeya, the company that manages the sports services for the Municipality of Cesena.


2019/09/28:The meeting agenda of the 7th Transnational Project Meeting to be held on November 04-05, 2019 in Cesena, Italy is now available: