2nd Multiplier Sport Evento

September 2021

September 09th 2021

Evaluations – University of Vigo

May 2021

May 27th 2021

1st Multiplier Sport Event

May 2021

May 20th 2021

Olympics Games in Aksakovo

September 2021

September 17th 2021

Grand Opening in Budapest

September 2021

September 10th 2021

Cesena - First assessment report

September 2021

September 08th 2021

Trainings and assessments in Portugal – A new beginning

September 2021

September 06th 2021

Second Multiplier Sport Event

June 2021

June 23rd 2021

European Commission identifies In Common Sports project as Good Practice and Case Study

March 2021

March 16th 2021

New project IN COMMON SPORTS + fit, food and fun for elderly - 2021-2023 kicks off with online meeting

February 2021

February 04th 2021

INCOMMON SPORTS Project at 16th world congress on public health 2020

November 2020

November 02nd 2020

Hungarian trainings restarted

October 2020

October 15th 2020

IN COMMON SPORTS presents tool for social inclusion through Olympics4all Good Practice

September 2020

September 28th 2020

Preliminary project results approved for publication in the journal of aging and physical activity

May 2020

May 26th 2020

Staying home, staying fit!

April 2020

April 30th 2020

Training session in Cesena

March 2020

March 09th 2020

The birth of a senior club

January 2020

January 13th 2020

Scientific results after one year

November 2019

December 05th 2019

First competition in spain brings together over 100 seniors

November 2019

November 27th 2019

Seventh meeting of the "In Common Sports" project

November 2019

November 12th 2019

Olympics for all and multiplier sports event in Cesena

September 2019

October 11th 2019

Vila Nova de Cerveira will host the 6th edition of Olympics4all

September 2019

October 09th 2019

IN COMMON SPORTS Project: a good practice of wellness valley

October 2019

October 11th 2019

Olympic Games in Aksakovo, Bulgaria

October 2019

October 7th 2019

6th Meeting - Evaluation of the first results of the sutdy “In Common Sports”

September 2019

September 30th 2019

6th Transnational Meeting in Vila Nova de Cerveira

September 2019

September 24th 2019

UNIVERSITY OF VIGO – CITY OF SANXENXO – Partnership to promote healthy lifestyles

September 2019

September 10th 2019

Training methods I. The portugal way toward healthy life.

August 2019

August 2nd 2019

Olympics4all and IN COMMON SPORTS good practices disseminated in international project

July 2019

July 22th 2019

First competition of the year in Hungary

June 2019

July 10th 2019

Interview with the trainer of municipality of Cesena

June 2019

Jun 28th 2019

“In Common Sports” project on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting

June 2019

Jun 19th 2019

5th Transnational Meeting in Pontevedra

May 2019

May 20th 2019

4th Transnational Meeting in Budapest

February 2019

March 12th 2019

Formalized the new partnership of the INCOMMON SPORTS Project

February 2019

March 04th 2019

IN COMMON SPORTS participants satisfied with the project impact in their daily lives

December 2018

December 14th 2018

Arcos de Valdevez hosted the IV edition Olympics4all

September 2018

October 11th 2018

Project meeting witnessed good practices in Aksakovo

September 2018

September 20th 2018

Olympics4All in Aksakovo

September 2018

September 17th 2018

Upcoming Olympics4All

July 2018

July 11th 2018


May 2018

May 28th 2018


March 2018

March 16th 2018


February 2018

February 20th 2018