IN COMMON SPORTS participants satisfied with the project impact in their daily lives

December 2018

In order to evaluate the physical performance of the senior athletes, the IN COMMON SPORTS partner organizations concluded the second evaluation of the participants that are under training in the regions of Cesena - Italy, Aksakovo - Bulgaria, Budapest - Hungary and Vila Nova de Cerveira - Portugal. A total of 208 athletes were assessed, of which 147 were female and 61 were male. It should be noted that this project, funded by the ERASMUS + program, which is based on the "Intergenerational Olympics" competition, as a motivation for the practice of physical activity, stimulates two weekly training sessions since March of 2018 in each of the regions involved to improve the physical and cognitive level of the athletes, and to study the dynamic interaction between the multiple factors that affect the life of the elderly population.
Additionally, questionnaires were also applied with to evaluate the athletes' satisfaction with the activities carried out under this project. In addition to the extremely positive evaluation of the training sessions and the work of the trainers, the generality of the participants considered that their health and physical condition improved after their integration into the project activities. Further evaluations will be carried out between March and April of 2019.