“In Common Sports” project on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting

May 2019

In view of the ACSM congress, one of the world's most recognized congresses in the field of sports science, data collected in the "IN COMMON SPORTS" project were submitted by Pedro Bezerra (IPVC) for peer evaluation in the context of scientific research, especially in a community context. In this year the ACSM congress was held at May 28-June 1 in Orlando, Florida, USA.
Specifically the submitted work was intended to describe, in a first moment of evaluation, the health perceived state among the European countries participating in the project and the cross sectional relationships with health predictors: cardiorespiratory fitness, strength and body composition. At this stage, the following steps were successfully completed.
At ACSM annual meeting more than 6000 participants were present and involved in around 2000 communications, conducting to global interactions with reference researchers of several countries as China, Denmark, USA, India, etc. Scientific connections were created and collaborative work will be held.
Bezerra, P, Clemente, FM, Dvorak, M, Camões, M. (2019). Age-related Health State Over European Countries: The Context May Be The Difference. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 2019, v. 49, nº5, p.S429-430.

1. Abstract production, submission and acceptance (October and November, 2018)

2. Poster production (March, 2019)