Interview with the trainer of municipality of Cesena

June 26th of 2019


Trainer of In Common Sports for the Municipality of Cesena

1. Hello Sabrina, could you tell us something about you briefly?
My name is Sabrina and I’m 23 years old. I’m completing my studies in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities at the University of Bologna. At the moment I’m also the trainer of In Common Sports project for the Municipality of Cesena.
2. What prompted you to take part in this project as a trainer?
Federica, the previous trainer of this project, told me about it. At the beginning I was an intern together with other two students and after completing my internship and studies I became the trainer of this project. At the moment I take care of the management and organization of training sessions and I also have the opportunity to participate to the international meetings. This gives me the opportunity to observe what the other countries are doing.
3. Could you tell us three things In Common Sports Project is giving you?
This project has been and still is a great opportunity for me to learn and continuously improve in my work. If I had to say three positive things surely they would be: personal growth in the workplace, satisfaction in observing the improvements and the attitude of all the participants in the project and improving relationships with my colleagues and with my athletes.
4. In your opinion, which kind of impact is this project having on the participants?
The project has been taken very seriously by the participants. During the training sessions I observe their enthusiasm and fun in taking part in training and competitions. The impact is positive. They are more cheerful and friendly and good relationships have been created. Of course, they are also more physically active!
5. Can you tell us what next activities are scheduled after the summer break?
At the end of the summer break we will resume training and there will be the Olympics games. In this last period the participants are training for this and they are very involved. Everyone is discovering and appreciating sports that they had never tried before and being able to do it gratifies them a lot.
6. How would you describe In Common Sports project in one word?
Describing the project using only one word is a bit difficult because during this period of activity thanks to physical exercise, play and sport, many positive elements have been emerged such as fun, commitment, motivation, mutual help, but also competitive spirit.
In my opinion these are the main elements that describe the project and that all together contribute to maintaining a good state of health for the participants. In many cases a noticeable improvement in the quality of life is already evident.