6th Meeting - Evaluation of the first results of the sutdy “In Common Sports”

September 30th of 2019

Vila Nova de Cerveira hosted, on 24 and 25 September, the VI Meeting of the 'In Common Sports' project, in which the first results of the study on competition were known as an additional motivation to promote an active lifestyle in the population. The consortium of partners had also the opportunity to witness the opening of the V edition of Olympics4All - Intergenerational Olympics, which took place in Melgaço from 25 to 27 September. Were present at the sixth meeting representatives of the following partner entities - Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), Municipality of Cesena (Italy), the School of Sports and Leisure (Portugal), the Zöldpont Association (Hungary), Aksakovo Municipality (Bulgaria) and the University of Vigo (Spain).
During this two-day international meeting in Vila Nova de Cerveira, the partners analyzed the results of the participants' first 3 assessment moments (March 2018; October 2018 and April 2019). Some errors were identified in the implementation of the physical tests and were proposed changes to correct them in the next evaluations.
The "Olympics4all 2019" events, that have already taken place in Hungary, June, Italy and Bulgaria in September, were also presented. It should be noted that this year's editions already had more participants, which demonstrates the effective impact of the project on the regions involved. The 7th meeting is scheduled for next November, 4-6 in Cesena.
During this meeting partners will have the opportunity to review the Validated Test Protocol.