IN COMMON SPORTS Project: a good practice of wellness valley

September 17th of 2019

On September 17th during the annual Wellness Valley Workshop at the Technogym Village in Cesena (Italy), In Common Sport project was officially included among the good practices of the Wellness Valley.
Wellness Valley is the initiative which since 2003 has been making Romagna (Italy) the first District in the world for knowledge in Wellness and the Quality of Life. The project was launched in 2002 by Nerio Alessandri, president and founder of Technogym and President of Wellness Foundation. The Wellness Foundation mission is to support scientific research, education towards health and promotion of the Wellness lifestyle.
The Wellness Valley project is led by the Wellness Foundation and involves 250 public and private stakeholders, including institutions, companies, schools, university, sports and cultural associations, medical doctors, health authorities, hotels, spas, fitness centres. There are over 60 best practices, i.e. programs and initiatives which actively contribute to improve the health and well-being of the population: from child obesity prevention programs to free fitness classes in public parks for active ageing, from the medical prescription of physical activity for chronic diseases prevention to sport events, certified hotels and services that enable tourists to make a true Wellness experience in Romagna. Today among these good practices we find also In Common Sport project.
During the event, the Municipality of Cesena has received an award for excellence in the Wellness Valley for the project "In Common Sports".
The Wellness Valley Excellence Award aims to represent the recognition of the social value of the "In Common Sports" project and the innovative role of the Municipality of Cesena in promoting and managing a project that encourages active life in a population group - over 60 - particularly strategic for the prevention of chronic diseases.
The award was presented by the President of Wellness Foundation Nerio Alessandri and was assigned, in addition to the Municipality of Cesena, to 9 other public and private companies operating successfully in Wellness in the sectors of Health and Prevention, Sustainable Economic Development and Tourism.