Scientific results after one year

05 december 2019.

In Common Sports project has now reach a second year intervention. From the beginning, involved communities has been working on an intervention plan aiming to increase life quality and health in aged population. A monitorization and follow up process was carried-out. This included fitness test and both motivation and life quality questionnaire. 18 months after the project baseline our findings are:
     1. The number of participants increased, mainly women;
     2. The averaged weight, % of fat mass and BMI (Body Mass Index) decreased, mainly in women;
     3. Life quality index increased , mainly in women;
     4. All participants, women and men, improved their muscle strength;
     5. Italian (Cesena) and Portuguese (VN Cerveira) male participants improved cardiorespiratory capacity;
     6. Power and agility improved in all countries, mainly in women;
To summarize, rather than country or geographical location, the intervention features may be the most important factor in increasing health status, by the associations with health determinants – wrote Pedro Bezerra.
We still have a year from the study and for further improvement. In research and scientific area, the project and the main outputs were presented in three conferences including the ACSM Annual Meeting 2019 (Florida). Two paper were submitted for publication and they are in submission process.