Training session in Cesena

09 march 2019.

Our trainer Sabrina Colaci tells something about the training sessions in Cesena.

The training sessions of the In Common Sports project take place every Tuesday and Thursday morning at our Athletics track: the first group trains from 8:30 to 9:30 and the second from 9:30 to 10:30.

The training activity is divided into the classic phases: warm up, conditioning, cool down, stretching.
Obviously, the intensity changes according to the phase. We always start with low intensity activities to reach a central part of moderate intensity and then conclude with a decrease in intensity and return to low intensity. We try to avoid high intensity.
The activity is organized in order to be able to work on different physical aspects: we start with a walk (aerobic activity) and then move on to free-standing muscle strengthening exercises in a standing position or supine / prone on a mat, balance exercises in the station erect and quadrupedal.
Stretching and posture are the core of the training: we often do coordinating exercises also with the help of some equipment such as ball, ladders and low obstacles.
Machines are not used because all activities take place outside and we do bodyweight exercises. The only fitness equipment we use are low obstacles, circles, cones and different types of balls depending on the proposed activity: medicine balls for working with the upper limbs, lighter balls for coordinating exercises and recreational activities.

Currently there are about 40 participants but in spring they usually increase.