Olympics Games in Aksakovo

September 17th 2021

On 25 August 2021, for the third time were held "Olympic Games for All" in the town of Aksakovo. The Games are part of the three-year project "Common Sport +: Physical Fitness, Healthy Eating and Entertainment for the Elderly" under the Erasmus + Sport Program of the European Commission. Aksakovo Municipality is a project partner together with the Municipality of Villa Nova de Cerveira / Portugal /, the Municipality of Cesena / Italy /, the University of Vigo / Portugal /, the Institute of Sports in Diveano de Castello / Portugal /, the State Sports Institute in Nova Gorica / Slovenia and Zöldpont Assotiation / Hungary. The project aims to maintain physical activity for the elderly through weekly trainings. The Olympics opened with a cheerleading dance with the music of the Quiet White Danube. People over 60 years had the opportunity to compete in athletics, volleyball, „tug of war“, football, dodge ball and basketball. The competition finished with Bulgarian traditional dance. For the first year, representatives of the villages of Zornitsa and Kichevo also participated. In addition to sports and physical activity, competitions are a good opportunity for social contacts.