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The municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira (PORTUGAL) is located in the north-west peninsula, in the district of Viana do Castelo. The population in 2011 was 9,253 in an area of 108.47 km². The municipality is part of the traditional public administrative state sector, at the local level, developing its action pursuant to the law of local councils and other legislation applicable to the sector. Within the scope of the competences and duties provided in the law, one of Vila Nova de Cerveira municipality's central objective is the approach of local administration to citizens. As other basic areas, the municipality considers sport as a fundamental area to social and human development factor.

In terms of infrastructure or in the dynamics of cooperation with local associations, the municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira has sought to live up to its responsibilities, contributing to the strengthening and development of this component in life of our local community. The promotion of sport practice - together with education and/or leisure - has been, over the years, a permanent concern of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

This project being a pioneer in the region and in the country, has resulted in a very positive impact and led us to the presentation of the project - IN COMMON SPORTS - INTERGENERATIONAL COMPETITION AS MOTIVATION FOR SPORT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE OF SENIOR CITIZENS. The Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira will be the General Coordinator, appointed as the Project Manager who will be in charge of the leadership of all actions. More specifically, it will coordinate the following work Packages:

WP 1 - Project management and transnational coordination
        1.1 Flowchart and General coordination, partnership meetings
        1.2 Financial management and accounting
        1.3 Progress and Final Reporting
        1.4. External evaluation
WP 6 - Test and implement the concept of Intergenerational Olympics as tool for integration vulnerable groups in sport
        6.1 - Training of technicians
        6.2 –Test the concept of "Intergenerational Olympics" in the regions involved in IN COMMON SPORTS
        6.3 – Production of the “OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE”


Manuela Ferreira

Project Administrator

Olga Pontedeira

Senior Technician - Social Area

Patrícia Martins


Miguel Pereira

Sports teacher

Luís Araújo

Sports teacher

Victor ALves

IT support


Partner:    Partner 2 - COMUNE DI CESENA - ITALY

Country:    - ITALY


Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15kms from the Adriatic coast. Together with Forlì it is the capital of the Forlì-Cesena district. Cesena itself has a population of about 96.758 (2015).
Cesena has a population of about 96.580 (2016).
Cesena is a vibrant city that each year attracts thousand tourists that come to visit the historical center. The city centre has umbro-etruscan origins and knew a moment of prosperity at the times of the Malatesta family (1378-1465), who gave to the town centre the present shape, the Malatestiana Library, currently included on the list of UNESCO Memory of the World, and the superb Malatesta Fortress. The economy of Cesena has been always linked to agriculture and has today a great propension to innovation, while the well-known gastronomy is a trademark of this part of Romagna. The promotion of wellness as lifestyle is indeed one increasing distinctive characteristics of the city. The Municipality’s sport policy points on making sport an opportunity for all, intended as a health tool, integration, education and respect. Cesena was European City of Sport in year 2014.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

The Municipality of Cesena takes part to all the phases of the project. In detail, it participates to the Study “Physical fitness and cognitive performance of aged population – planned competition as additional motivation for active lifestyle”, with the selection of no. 75 participants, and the involvement of them in regular assessments of psico-physical performances; 25 of them will constitute the Experimental Group and will be involved in a physical activity intervention plan, through training sessions aimed at participating at the intergenerational competitions, which will take place in September/October 2018 and 2019.

The Municipality of Cesena will be the WP Leader in WP 5 “Collection of best practices and development of the guide”. This phase will be dedicated to deepen the knowledge on the methodologies on how to motivate senior citizens to healthy lifestyles. The activities will range from the collection of best practices, to the analysis of practical tools to arise people motivation to practice sport, and tools that cities use in taking initiatives in this sense. The WP will result in the realization of the “Guidelines” about “Motivation to sport and healthy lifestyles for senior citizens as leverage for active ageing and a higher quality of life”, which will be presented and disseminated through the transnational Multiplier Sport Events, in Cesena in September 2019.

Finally the project’s findings and the results of the Study will be presented to the public and stakeholders in a national Seminar to be organized by the Municipality of Cesena in a final phase (October 2020).


Valeria Rossi

Project Officer

Federica Cuni

Sports teacher


Servizio Pianificazione Strategica, Progetti Integrati Comunali,Nazionali ed Europei
Piazza del Popolo 10 - Cesena 47521
tel: +39 0547 356898






The Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Institute (IPVC) was founded in 1980. Is a regional institution, whose aims are a qualified human, cultural, scientific, technical and professional training, to carry out necessary research to accomplish its mission and to cooperate with the regional community of Alto-Minho. The IPVC is made up of six Schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, these last very often in collaboration with national and international polytechnics and universities. The IPVC has implemented its existence on the regional, national and international levels.

Since its foundation, IPVC has participated in the development of research projects and provide services to the community. Thus, several national projects and international cooperation, in which the IPVC is/was involved: Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, LLP - Erasmus; Erasmus Mundus; Equal; Interreg; PO North; Rainbow; Prodep; Focus; European Science Foundation; Leonardo da Vinci.

IPVC Quality Management System is internationally certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, at the following processes: Education - Undergraduate Courses level, R&D activities and their Supporting Processes.

The IPVC is made up of six Schools. One of the schools is the School of Sport and Leisure (ESDL) which have been developing important scientific knowledge on Promoting sport and health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA). Among the several developed projects, ESDL was involved as IP on 1) Monitoring the health-related status of Alto-Minho (NUT III) population; 2) Promotion of physical activity and healthy life styles among aged population, in which events were created – Olympic 4 all – as aim to integrate physical activity on elderly routines; 3) Monitoring physical capacity and motor development on young school population (6 to 16 years). It was implemented on primary and secondary school plan an year-based assessment of physical, morphological and skills capacities, under a design of follow up from 5th to 12th schoolyear.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

WP3 - Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Control

WP4 - STUDY “Physical fitness and cognitive performance of the aged population”
   Test and implement the concept of Intergenerational Olympics;
   6.1 - Training of technicians


Pedro Bezerra

Sub-director Sports School

Miguel Camões



Pedro Bezerra - "
Tel. +351 258 809 678
Miguel Camões -
Tel. +351 258 809 678


Vicente Romo

Dean of the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences

Dear Partners,

The Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Vigo is proud to be a partner in the In Common Sports project, since promoting physical activity and physical exercise in any population is a priority objective of this entity. The faculty is located in the city of Pontevedra that is located in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.

This city awards various prizes for smart mobility and sustainable city, advocates the mobility routes on foot and by bicycle through the city, generating an active lifestyle of the population. In addition this city, was host in numerous occasions of national, European, and world championships of sports like triathlon, taekwondo, and handball, among others. Therefore, we are pleased to be a member of a project of such magnitude that advocates for an active lifestyle of our elders, as well as a socialization between different cultures, which will be enriching for everyone who participates.

Dean of the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences. University of Vigo.
Vicente Romo

Partner:    Partner 4 - University of Vigo. HealthyFit Research Group - Spain

Country:    - SPAIN


The HealthyFit Research Group will be the group responsible for the Faculty in this project. This research group, which is constantly growing, focuses its lines of action on the assessment and prescription of physical exercise in elderly people with or without pathologies. For the HealthyFit Research Group the promotion of physical activity in the elderly is essential to reduce the effects of aging and preserve functional capacity, thus promoting an active lifestyle.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:


José María Cancela Carral

Chair Research Group HealthyFit

Gustavo Rodríguez Fuentes

Expert in Physiotherapy

Helena Vila Suárez

Expert in Sports Science

Irimia Mollinedo Cardalda

Expert in Physiotherapy

Iris Machado De Olivieria

Expert in Physiotherapy

Miguel Adriano Lastra Suárez

Expert in Sports Science

Silvia Varela Martínez

Expert in Sports Science


Partner:    Partner 5 - OBSHTINA AKSAKOVO - BULGARIA

Country:    - BULGARIA



Aksakovo Municipality has a population of 20 426 inhabitants and it consists of 23 villages in the area of 460.54 km². It is situated in the northeast of Bulgaria and has an outlet on the Black Sea. Aksakovo is situated 10 km away from the city of Varna. The Varna International Airport is also situated on its territory.

Aksakovo municipality is a provider of public and social services to the community. It is responsible for implementing national legislation on local level and managing the municipal territory. As a local authority it is responsible for self-government and have to provide sustainable development of community. In this order it have to ensure participation in self-government for people of all ages.

The statistic shows that 25% of Aksakovo population are elder people above 60 years old. The level of physical activities is very low, that is the reason of more of diseases of this part of community. For elder people and people with disadvantages municipality of Aksakovo provide social services as “hot supper”, “help in home”, “social assistant”. The municipality supports clubs of retired people, where they meet each other, chats and play cards, chess and board games.

Aksakovo municipality has annual sporting calendar. Every year it carries out sport games volleyboll, backetball, football, table tennis, touristic walking and etc. The elder people take part in the football, table tennis and touristic walking. The Municipality of Aksakovo has a experience regarding network of towns and international cooperation. It has eight twinned towns and carry out international events every year. It is also engaged in several European and international networks related to youth participation, education, health, economic activities etc.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

Municipality of Aksakovo will organize 2 events:
1- International Multiplier Sport Event

   - The purpose of events is desiminate idea of phisical activity in all life.
   - The main objective of this event is to introduce this project to the local community, dissiminate its main objectives and intellectual outputs and encourage furhter participation to the competition.
   - Define the importance of defining a person’s needs and characteristics so as to adjust the right exercise program to his/her needs. In other words introduce the importance of exercize as a rehabilitation therapy after or during a disease or accident.
   - Create a communication bridge among the NGO who work in the field of helthy life and the Municipality planning events in the future, implementing events and actions that will introduce sports on the elderly.

2- Second National Multiplayer Sport Event

   - Sport compatition event involve 4 sport event, basketball, volleyball, football and table ténis. The purpose of events is desiminate idea of phisical activity in all life. This event multiplay the first competition.
   - Present good practices of physical activity in reality

The number of participants will be arrond 40 people.
During the events we will spread th broushures with purpose, activities and results of the project.


Neli Petrova


Stefani Yordanova



Municipality of Aksakovo - G.Petleshev 58b -
Tel. +359 894 638 600


Partner:    Partner 6 - ZOLDPONT - HUNGARY




A group of communication and sport experts established the organization of Zöldpont Egyesület és Szerkesztőség (Zöldpont Press and Media Association for Sport) 25 years ago in order to popularize the healthy lifestyle and outdoor sports in a large scale.
The organisation was the first to prove the visualization of leisure sport on monitors together with the weekly magazine programme titled the same way (Zöldpont/Greenpoint 1992-2004), started to screen an adventure programme for children and also sets up a coordinated media, as a pioneering initiative - radio, television, printed press, internet - and service provider system to popularize outdoor and leisure sport.
The organisation was the leading coordinator of a national programme in Hungary, the professional of Education through Sport European, “EYE 2004” activity year, as well as the initiator and realiser of European Physical Education Picnic methodological series which opened up and made ways for lifestyle sports in school life. Zöldpont shares several international awards and prizes (Move Europe, ENWHP, DuPont ....) in the field of health improvement in workplaces and company sport.
Besides the media activity, Zöldpont has dedicated ten years to company sports, health promotion programs in workplaces and has developed more programs like Budapest titkai... a múlt útvesztői, Active Office, MOL Kupa series.

Specific tasks of the organization within the project:

In the communication and dissemination part of the project, Zöldpont - by way of the comprehensive experience in media and press – intends to make a database and correspondent system, where the results, progressions and methodology can be spread in a wide range. It includes national and international organisations, institutes, clubs which aim to help elderly live a healthy life. Moreover, establish connections with other sport and outdoor constitutions, which ones attracts the older population across Europe (Deutscher Alpenverein; TAFISA; ISCA, etc.).
Zöldpont is also planning to make a conference schedule, which contains every relevant and significant event in Europe where the participant organisations can present the project results, methodology (like European College of Sport Science conferences, Hungarian Society of Sports Science congress, etc.). Moreover, the partners will publish articles in important newspapers and sport scientific papers.


Péter Cziráki

Editor in chief, teacher

Marton Dvorak

Regional project coordinator


Zöldpont Media and Press Association for Sport-
Tel. +36 304 663 470


The project "IN COMMON SPORTS - INTERGENERATIONAL COMPETITION AS MOTIVATION FOR SPORT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE OF SENIOR CITIZENS" /590543-EPP-1-2017-1-PT-SPO-SCP/ is co-funded Erasmus+ Sport Programme, Action: Collaborative Partnerships. This webpage and the information / publication / communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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